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Big Brother Yahoo

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Techdirt links to a somewhat funny article about a company getting sued because they poached from Yahoo and discussed plans on Yahoo IMs. And it raises a question on privacy. If Yahoo is archiving all your IM converstations, then you're being watched. Its possbile that they are doing it for all IM conversations as well; if Google can have a cache of all the websites then how difficult it will be for yahoo to archive all the conversations!

But this really is scary. Turn it off, before it comes back from nowhere and hits you hard. Go to File -> Perferences -> Archive Tab -> and say NO.

Tags: Yahoo IM Privacy
posted by Rajiv, 1:36 AM


Research shows that employees are exposing the firm to liability and litigation, often engaging in unethical or inappropriate behavior using IM. Many employees have been using IM’s for their personal use, for chatting with friends, relatives or fellow employees on matters that are nowhere related to the jobs they handle. This practice may effect the employer’s and the organization’s productivity in the long run.

ArcMentor Inc. has developed a software that will not only manage and control Instant Messaging in an organization in the most effective way, but will also securely archive all instant messages and conference traffic in a database on the server side.

ArcMentor will work together with the enterprise’s IM platform in a seamless way, providing transparent, secure archiving of all instant message and conference traffic. The content will be stored securely on the server side where only authorized individuals will be allowed to access the stored content.

ArcMentor has been developed with the following features:

• Real Time Monitoring and Archiving of Live Chats within an organization.

• Log and archive 100% of IM conversations across disparate IM networks. Captures all IM Communication between IM Users, Keywords trapping and Email alerting, receives real time notifications.

• Backup and Retrieval of IM Conversation.

• Integrated support for all public and enterprise IM systems, including AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, IBM Lotus Sametime, Sun Java One Messenger, MSN Live Communications Server 2003/2005 and more.

• Prevents misuse or abuse of information protection policies.

• Searches and retrieves messages quickly and easily through a secure, permission-based Web interface.

• Installs easily at the client-level with almost no user training required.

• Captures Files being transferred between IM Users.

• Works with all versions of Windows along with Linux and Solaris operating system.

Trial copies have been made available by ArcMentor Inc. to those who are interested.

ArcMentor Inc.
82 Pioneer way, suite 109
Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone: 1-866-397-9145
Fax: 1-408-850-9695

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