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Google's Page Creator

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just tried out the latest serivce from Google and here's the result. Its a pretty slick and trendy looking AJAX application although it did crash my Firefox once. But I am pretty much satisfied with the end result. Long back Geocities also used to offer a similar sort of platform for page development. It went on to became the web's back alleys with people storing all kinds of stuff on thier homepages, from music to porn. But trust Google to outdo others; this one is far better looking.

This does gives us an interesting peek into what lies in the future. The rumor mills have been rife with speculation that Google is coming out with its on OS/browser/whatever. If web development suite has arrived, can a web office suite be far behind?

Via: Digg.

Update: Dont miss the user comments on Slashdot. As entertaining as ever.

Update 2: Combine this with the blogger template, and you can create your own cool templates. I hope its on Google God's mind!

Update 3: Its now been released as public beta.
posted by Rajiv, 2:53 AM


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