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Talk on 3G in India

Monday, December 11, 2006

The winter has finally set in here in Bangalore. To warm up things a bit we have a hot topic to discuss in this month's edition of Mobile Monday Bangalore: 3G In India. The hype around it is just starting to build. The trails were announced a few months ago, TRAI is actively working on the spectrum issue and the government has clamped down on Internet VoIP Telephony at the operators behest! Sure signs of things heating up in 2007.

This is therefore the perfect time to delve a bit more into this topic. Look out for more discussion on this topic here.

posted by Rajiv, 3:33 AM


Hi Rajiv,

This is ashwin. When is MoMo Bangalore happening???

I saw that MoMo Mumbai is this monday... Do update me on this!!!


Can u page me ur fone number??? My yahoo id is: ashwin dot murali at yahoo and gmail.

I'll call u up on this... Coz, there's absolutely no communication happening in here... I wanna know who the POC for the event is???


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