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Wireless Utopia

The journey towards a free wireless world.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This blog is a scratch pad for all my ideas, views and analysis on the wireless industry. Its an aggregation point for all the noteworthy news articles that I come across everyday. The primary sources for them are the blogs that I read everyday (listed on the blogroll). I present my point of view on these, analyze them and to borrow a cliche, add my two cents. Everybody is welcome to discuss, trample, disect and curse at will.

As evident from the title of this blog, Wireless Utopia, its my belief that the right to free wireless service is a fundamental right as is the right to access to telecom services. As the wireless penetration grows and more people start using the services, the number of free services provided will also increase. Extending this trend, the utopian wireless world will be the world where even the infrastructure services are free. Free, as in a free lunch. We may or may not actually see that happening in our time or even in our lifetime. But Dream We Shall.

As somebody said, we surely live in interesting times.
posted by Rajiv, 3:07 AM


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